What is Inspirations 4 Aspirations?

Inspirations 4 Aspirations is an interview series where creatives of various walks of life talk about their lives, why they create and what inspires them to get back up when they’re down.

I’ve always been curious about what drives people. I believe everyone is creative and has a story to tell. I started this project to get myself out of a creative slump and, perhaps, inspire people along the way.

Who are you?

My name is John Lhotka. I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I like to ask questions and experiment with design. 

I am still striving to find out what inspires myself to create and where I belong in this world. To follow me on this journey check out my Instagram. My portfolio can be found here.

Who creates the visuals?

All illustrations and hand-lettering are my own creation (unless otherwise noted). I attempt to capture the essence of the people I interview and pay tribute to their art. In this process I experiment with different illustration and typography techniques.

If you know someone who should be interviewed or you have a freelance project I could help with, contact me.