Terese Kühl

I aspire to create art that liberates people, spreads joy and happiness & encourages people to express themselves freely!

Terese Kühl

My #inspirations4aspirations interview guest today is independent contemporary artist @teresekuhl

In a coincidence I totally planned, yesterday Terese Kühl celebrated the second anniversary of becoming an artist. Going from being a banker to a self described “Independent Contemporary Artist” might feel like a jump yet that’s exactly what she did. 

Her use of vibrant pastel colors and dynamic lines exude an excitement which leaves the viewer with little doubt about her passion for art. The sense of motion in her work seems to echo the daily dancing she posts in her instagram stories and on her dance account @msjaguar_dancer 

Her work often explores the human body and sexuality, a vein of art some consider risqué. She is very passionate about body positivity, liberation and the freedom of self-expression. 

Since her work has a sense of motion to it and an emphasis on female empowerment, I chose to create hand-lettering inspired by the curvy typography of the 1974 album Diana Ross & The Supremes: Greatest Hits. The figures were taken from some of Terese’s daily dancing.

Terese Kühl: in her own words

I’m a pure Nordic girl who grew up and went schools in Helsinki which is the capital city of Finland. I’m also a true city girl cause I’ve spent 12 years in Stockholm, Sweden while working. One year ago I moved back to my home city Helsinki. It feels amazing to be close to my family and best friends again and spend time with them. So I’m kind of a combo of a wild & energetic city girl and relaxed family girl.

I’ve always been creative and artistic since childhood. The arts have been natural way of expressing my personality and emotions. As a kid, I was into music and went to schools of Music & Performing Arts where I sang in choir, played in orchestra, performed in musicals and theatre and played classical flute. Performing on stage was always my fav thing to do!! Even though drawing and painting were something I enjoyed of doing, they were never in the top role in my artistic expression. I found drawing again only two years ago as an adult.

I’ve always wanted to dance, sing and perform and I did it all the time as a kid and teen. It’s always been my thing! But after high school I ended up to study Business Law and Accounting in Helsinki School of Economics. Who would have expected that?Anyway, the coming years I focused my time and efforts on my business studies and creating my banking career. During the years I didn’t really have time for my creative hobbies other than some interior designing and sewing. 

Luckily, a big life change two years ago gave me my inspiration back and I started to create art which took form in drawing. When I moved back to Finland a year ago I also left my old life and banking career in Sweden. And now I’m here working as an independent artist and selling my artworks all over the globe. And I’m also making my dream come true by studying art in a three year art program to become a contemporary artist. I’m living the happiest time of my life now!

I aspire to create art that liberates people, spreads joy and happiness & encourages people to express themselves freely! 


Why do you create?

I’m creating because I’m existing. Creating is my natural way of living, expressing myself and spreading my happiness & freedom!


When life gets you down what inspires you to get back up?

My love ones, music and dancing. Sometimes I’m also sketching my emotion because writing a diary ain’t my thing. Sometimes when I’m lacking inspiration the best thing to do is just to spend time with my sister who’s also my best friend and talking through bad feelings. She always understands me and comforts me no matter why I’m down.

What I’ve learned during this rapid artistic journey of two years is that you cannot force yourself to create art. Art can be created only when you’re truly inspired and in the right mood.


What Inspires you to explore sexuality and the human body in your art?

I love the beauty of human body and soul. Drawing different personalities and emotions are one of the biggest inspirations in my art. I’m drawing sensual art for celebrating women’s natural beauty and right for pleasure. Also by drawing female figures I want to promote women through their intelligence and talents. Women are powerful as subjects and should be recognized through their own accomplishments.

3.2) After recently posting what you called “provocative art”, you lost 19 followers. Are you ever afraid to share your work because people won’t like it or won’t approve it?

Because I’m publishing my art (sometimes provocative) on Instagram, where there are people from all over the world and different cultures, people might react to my art in many different ways. Not everyone likes art of nude bodies and it’s totally okay. For example, I’m not a big fan of flower and pet paintings either (Hahahaha!!). The beauty of art is in the eyes of the spectator. The experience of art is personal and its always valuable!


Let’s talk about dance. You once said, “dancing is an expression of my freedom.” What does it feel like when you dance?

I’m dancing alone at home many times per day just because I’m expressing my feelings in that way. Sometimes, I’m feeling restless and I have too much energy in my body, so I start dancing. Sometimes, I’m feeling anxious and dancing is my way of getting that feeling out of my body. Dancing is my way of releasing the energy (either positive or negative) in my body and mind. 

For me, expressing my feelings is liberating and it’s about my personal freedom. The freedom of physical movement, the freedom of self-expression, the freedom of opinions and way of being. 

I’m getting lots of positive feedback and reactions of my dancing from my IG followers in daily basis. What makes me really happy is that I can encourage other people expressing themselves freely through my art and dancing.

Many thanks to my inspiration and aspiration, Terese Kühl.
I’m John Lhotka, wishing you a nice day, and all that jazz.